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peter donahue

Based in New York City, cinematographer Peter Donahue has worked on a dozen films and television shows and has worked on hundreds of commercials with directors like Errol Morris, Rupert Sanders, Derek Cianfrance, Stacy Wall, Phil Morrison, Matt Aselton and Jeff Preiss.

Peter's mentor in the film business was Errol Morris, with whom Peter collaborated on a variety of long-form projects, including The Fog of War, which ultimately won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature. Other narrative projects include the feature film June Bug, directed by Phil Morrison, which was nominated for the grand jury prize at Sundance and secured Amy Adams her first Oscar nomination and an independent Spirit award. Additional features include Five Dollars a Day for Nigel Cole, which starred Christopher Walken, Sharon Stone and Amanda Pete and Gigantic, which starred Paul Dano, Zooey Deschanel and Zach Galifianakis. Peter also shot the documentary Prophet’s Prey, which documented Warren Jeff’s rise to prophet of the fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, and which was narrated by Nick Cave.

Peter continues to live in New York with his wife and college-bound daughter.

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